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When it comes to our products, we focus on quality first and foremost. As a smaller, non-profit organization, we have the ability to put emphasis on purchasing from smaller artisan farms and distillers  who produce much higher quality products, but cannot produce the volume needed by the larger companies. As we are non-profit with low margins and virtually no overhead, we can afford to sell much higher quality, more expensive oils  at prices even lower prices than most companies charge for lower quality products.

Our Purpose is to Serve our Lord Jesus:

By Faith Essential Oils are bottled and distributed through By Faith Massage Therapy PLLC - Headquartered in Weatherford, Texas. We are a professional aromatherapy / massage therapy clinic that began buying oils directly from the best small farms and distilleries in the world after being unable to find any company on the market which met our high standards for quality at reasonable prices. 

We are a Christian small busniess that never had intentions of getting into the bottling and sales of essential oils. Every step our success was not of our own doing, but a result of the fact that we had given our company to the Lord. In turn, we are making sure to keep the company His.

100% of the profits from all sales on are donated directly to Christian charities.

Please see our FAQ page or contact us for any further information you may require on our oils or our mission.

By Faith Blog:

15% off - We're Back!

15% off - We're Back!

We’ve been quiet, but we’ve been busy!
August 09, 2019 by Jennifer Lanham
Leap of Faith: Changes coming in 2018

Leap of Faith: Changes coming in 2018

We at By Faith Essential Oils are taking a leap of faith (so to speak) and are making some major changes to the way we do business. 
May 08, 2018 by Jennifer Lanham
Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from By Faith:
In celebration, we are offering 10% off all Single Oils and Blends through the end of May with discount code "Memorial".
100% of proceeds through this promotion will go to the National Vietnam War Museum.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God. -Matthew 5:9

May 25, 2017 by Jennifer Lanham

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