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Roller Kit

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* Roller blends are pre-diluted for safe and direct skin application. Be advised that they are not aromatically powerful as our neat (undiluted) blends, which are sold in 5-10ml amber bottles. 


Roller Kit:

8 of our most popular roller blends combined in one package for big savings:

Anxiety, Breathe, Deux Bleu, Headache Relief, Lavender, Messiah, Praise, and Tranquility



By Faith Rollers are essential oil blends pre-diluted in carrier oil and ready for direct skin application. They are specifically formulated to be generally safe for all ages. Each bottle comes with a roller ball applicator and a leak-proof cap. Carry one in your pocket or purse and apply directly to the skin whenever needed. 


By Faith Essential Oils:

By Faith Essential Oils are the simply the highest quality essential oils available online. We are a massage therapy / aromatherapy clinic in Texas who needed top quality essential oils to use in our clinic, but was unable to locate any on the market which met our standards at reasonable prices. We then began purchasing oils directly from the best farms, distillers, and distributors in the world, purchasing, testing, and rejecting hundreds of samples along the way in pursuit of only the best, and have began using them in our clinic as well as selling directly to our customers in 2015. We only sell directly to consumers or wholesale to pharmacies, which is how we can we can offer higher quality at lower prices. We have no distributors or middlemen. We advertise as "Clinical Grade", as we consistently test to prove higher quality and higher purity than the companies claiming "Therapeutic Grade".