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400ml Diffuser


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This 400ml diffuser offers continuous or intermittent mist options and can illuminate in 7 different colors. 

We chose this diffuser mainly because it is very affordable, it functions properly, is easy to fill and operate, and is quite durable. It functions virtually the same as our 100ml diffuser, but holds 4x the water; therefore, can run for over 8 hours without needing refilled.  We have been running one of these diffusers almost constantly in our massage clinic for well over a year without a single problems. 

* We do not manufacture this product. We simply offer it for sale on our website as a convenience for our customers. It can be found on Amazon through other sellers for a few dollars less. We cannot afford to match their prices, as we are unable to order directly from the manufacturer (they require minimum orders of 10,000 units). We also offer it with free shipping, thus raising our cost.  

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