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Not all Lavenders are created Equal.

Not all Lavenders are created Equal:

Lavender is by far the most popular essential oil sold in America thanks mostly to its beautiful calming aroma and its amazing variety of therapeutic uses. Lavender is rivaled perhaps only by Frankincense in its range of benefits. In ancient times, it was a popular aphrodisiac. In medieval Europe, it became one of the most popular medications in the land and was known as a treatment for everything from skin care (acne, scarring, stretch marks, etc.) to treating heart conditions and infections.


The question today is: What’s in YOUR Lavender?

Assuming you’ve been able to avoid the scams in the essential oil world who are selling synthetic fragrance oils or highly diluted lavender water, there is still a vast difference in the quality and uses of different lavender oils from different companies:
For starters, if you’re not using Lavandula Angustifolia, you aren’t using real lavender. There are several cheap replicas on the market which have a dozen different botanical names. Then, you need to know its constituents to know what you should be using it for.

Lavender’s main constituent is Linalool, which is responsible for many of its powerful therapeutic benefits. If you’re wanting to use your lavender oil as a disinfectant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, or other medicinal use, you should seek an oil with a high linalool content; however, if you care mostly about a beautiful, sweet aroma, you should focus on a low linalool with a better fragrance.


Most companies sell only one lavender oil. They bring in lavender from multiple farms, mix it together in one batch, and then sell it to the consumer. The advantage is that they are able to get a consistent fragrance every time you buy a bottle. The huge disadvantage is that you lose the specific and distinct qualities each farm’s harvest may hold. We chose instead to celebrate that distinctiveness and never mix batches, which is why we carry several different versions of Lavandula Angustifolia.

You will note that we’ve listed the linalool content of each batch on their respective pages. Our high altitude French Lavender has extremely high levels, while our New Zealand Lavender has the lowest in the industry. Are you using it on your skin to help reduce stretch marks or help soothe a bug bite? You need that high level High Altitude Lavender! Are you running it in a diffuser to help a hyperactive child relax? You need the low allergen New Zealand Lavender. If you only want to carry one lavender in your cabinet, buy our Bulgarian variety, which is a mid-level linalool lavender similar to what the MLM companies sell, but a much higher quality single batch, single distillation example of it.


Go ahead and give one of our Lavenders a try! See what a real, top quality Lavender can do in your home…

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December 11, 2016 by Jennifer Lanham



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