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Leap of Faith: Changes coming in 2018

Taking a Leap of Faith: Changes for By Faith in 2018


Proverbs 3:5, 6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”


We at By Faith Essential Oils are taking a leap of faith (so to speak) and are making some major changes to the way we do business. 2017 was the first full year of online sales through and we are extremely happy with the results we’ve received thus far. By His grace, we have been blessed with opportunities to improve even further.


The small changes first:

  1. We will be making some price changes over the next few months, but there’s no need to panic. We are now capable of ordering our most popular oils in larger quantities, which results in slightly lower costs to us; therefore, most of our highest selling oils will decrease in price.
  2. We have changed our GCMS testing procedures. We will be using a well-known lab in Canada for all of our 3rd party GCMS testing in the future and will be uploading a PDF file of the full analysis of each oil tested on the oil’s page. We will also supply a copy of the analysis with the oils upon request. Be patient with us though: We are only doing this with new batches as we receive them, so it will take some time before all oils are updated.
  3. We will be discontinuing several oils throughout the year, as we simply did not receive the sales we expected and will not allow them to just sit and oxidize. The remainder of these batches will be clearanced out at 40%-80% off, so check our website and Facebook page often.
  4. We will soon begin adding a batch number to each label, which will help us to keep our inventory current and allow customers to reference the number online to see when their oil was bottled. 


The big change:  

Last month, we were contacted by a small farm and distillery in Bulgaria who produces only a couple of small harvests of a very high-quality Melissa oil per year. They have apparently been selling to a small, high-priced artisan essential company for several years, which is no longer in business. They sought us out and are now offering to sell us their most recent batch, though we need to take the entire harvest. Even though it is a relatively small farm, quality Melissa oil is still extremely expensive when purchased by the kilogram…


As a small ministry, we have never had enough money on hand to make such a large purchase. We generally are only capable of purchasing oils as expensive as Melissa in 1kg or smaller quantities, and we don’t sell too many bottles of it; therefore, this simply doesn’t make sense for us to do. Yet, we were led to press forward with the idea. We received a sample of the batch, which we confirmed to be the quality expected, and have shipped it to our 3rd party lab for full GCMS analysis. Provided it comes back with the results we expect, we will be purchasing the entire batch. We actually do not have cash on hand for the purchase, so our employees are paying the remainder out of pocket.


As we need to recover the money quickly, we will be selling off approximately ½ of the batch at a very low price. Once we’ve recovered our account a bit and repaid the employee shares, the sale will end, and we will revert to our normal prices. We should then still have a large supply of this amazing oil to make some profits on in the future.


Provided this works as planned, we are already seeking out small sandalwood farms hoping to continue repeating the process. Even if we become large enough one day to be able to purchase entire harvests without breaking the bank, we see so many advantages to continue using this method: Both for us and our customers.


Keep an eye out for our new batch of Melissa (which we expect to be available around June 1st), and don’t miss out on the big sale!

May 08, 2018 by Jennifer Lanham

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