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We are Your new Christian alternative to mainstream essential oil suppliers. We are a Christian non-profit ministry who chose to raise our funds through product sales rather than asking for donations. 

As we have only a very small advertising budget, we are asking our current customers and supporters to help spread the word about us on social media. Sharing this and any of our other posts helps us get the word out and convert new customers without spending thousands in advertising.

Over the next several months, we will be giving away several our our single oils, blends, and kits free of charge to our supporters to thank them for their support. The only "entry" required to be eligible to win is to "like" our page on Facebook; however, we need everyone to share the news about us in as many ways as possible. 

We were founded by an aromatherapist who had already created her own line of essential oils after failing to find a supplier who was both top-quality and affordable. Our oils are commonly tested to be much higher in quality and purity than the larger companies who sell at substantially higher prices. We import only the highest quality oils possible, sell them at the absolute lowest profit margins in the industry, and all (100%) of the profits go to Christian Charities.

Simply put: The highest quality oils on the market, lower prices, and all in support of Christian Charities... Why would you buy your oils anywhere else?

Please read more about us at 

January 01, 2017 by Jennifer Lanham


Donna Hughes

Donna Hughes said:

May God be with ya’ll as the news passes through the media.

Kelly Heflin

Kelly Heflin said:

I’m SO excited to find a way to buy my oils and keep my money in the Kingdom! I don’t sell them, but I love to share the oils with friends and family, so thank you for helping me do that! Kelly Heflin

Vickie Burge

Vickie Burge said:

I just received my first order today. By faith Hope blend smells wonderful. It’s a very light sweet scent. I can’t wait to try more.

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