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Back on God's Path...

Updated 02/23/2020:

We at By Faith Essential Oils must confess our many recent failures. We were fortunate enough to be placed at reigns of such an amazing small business and entrusted to steward towards success. We have, instead, hired and entrusted others to perform much of the work while we pursued more personal matters. We followed our own paths rather than the ones laid in front of us by our Heavenly Father.

As a result, this business and our loyal customers have been neglected far more than we realized. Questions have gone unanswered. Incorrect information and advice has been given. Those who’ve requested to be added our mailing lists have never received any communication from us. We would like to explain how this occurred:

We hired a local advertising agency in early 2019. They took over managing our website and all social media accounts for us. During this time, we spend very little time on social media reading the posts we trusted our advertisers to make for us. We later discovered that many of them included inaccurate information and advised of practices that we do not promote.

Throughout this period, we still maintained full control of the oils themselves, yet still made a mistake of our own: We ordered and tested a sample of Helichrysum-italicum from one of our suppliers which met our approval. We were then sent the wrong oil from the supplier, bottled it, and offered it for sale without retesting it. As a result, a couple of customers received Helichrysum-gymnocephalum (still a pure, natural, high quality essential oil) rather than the more aromatic, highly desired Helichrysum-italicum. We quickly corrected said mistake by completely refunding anyone who purchased said oil and have since cut all ties with this supplier. We've removed the entire batch from our inventory and will remain out of stock until we can locate a new Helichrysum-italicum distillery whom we trust.

We’ve received many questions after the initial posting of this article, so please allow us to clarify: We’ve never sold any fake, adulterated, diluted, or otherwise unsafe oils. We simply shipped the incorrect oil to a very small number of customers. The only customers affected are those who ordered Helichrysum between late December 2019 and early January of 2020. We’ve never been publically “called out” for this error, but published this error ourselves in the name of honesty and transparency.

Now, we are back and completely dedicated to you. Over the next many months, you’ll begin to see posts and emails explaining what’s happening at By Faith and introducing ourselves more personally. We ask that you bear with us as we begin to build a new advertising campaign, a new website, make changes in our pricing policies, and more.

We have faith that we’ve returned to God’s path, and we pray that you follow it with us!

Kevin and Jennifer Lanham – By Faith Essential Oils  



Cathy said:

Praise God for you being totally transparent, It takes courage to admit hey we were wrong please forgive us. but more importantly, you admitted that to Our Heavenly Father,
I can support this business.


Marijean said:

Thank you for being open and honest, Kevin and Jennifer. As a believer, I want to trust people and the company I am ordering from. It is encouraging to know this and be able to afford quality oils. Thank you for this and for helping others…
God is in control and I trust that He will guide and lead you in By Faith Oils as long as you are true to Him.

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